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Pollster Create's revolutionary software enables you to easily create, record and manage your automated public opinion polls and message campaigns from your own personal computer. Click Pollster Create to learn how.

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Automated public opinion polling, surveying and message campaigns at an unprecedented price.

Pollster delivers the power to create and conduct public opinion polling, consumer research, customer surveys, jury research and automated message campaigns instantly. Pollster provides real-time results now . . . when you need them . . . when winning depends on it. Gain that competitive edge at a price that will astound you.

Now you can gain the winning edge – at a fraction of the traditional cost.

Political candidates, campaigns, advocacy groups, media producers, organizations, legal counsel and businesses spend millions of dollars to determine voter attitudes, public opinion, audience preferences, conduct jury research and discover what customers think and want.  They know their success hinges on accurate knowledge of public opinion, enabling them to adapt, improve and meet the demands of voters, constituents, audiences, jurors and customers to gain a competitive, winning edge.

Pollster software and technology revolutionizes polling, surveying and message campaigns. Pollster makes these services available to all political campaigns, candidates, media, organizations, businesses and legal counsel, large or small.

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