3 Best Practices for Polling Your Region

Polling your regionDo you need to know your district’s views on current issues such as gun control legislation?

Maybe you run a business and want to see the value of a new service to those in your area.

We can determine that in a few days, and you get the information real time.

Here are some quick tips on effective ways to poll your region or district.

#1 Micro-polling – target a specific region, people group, or district.

This method is for polling quickly, efficiently and accurately. Not only is this the best option for businesses (local or national), but it’s highly beneficial for someone in the public eye who must vote or take a public position on issues most important to their constituencies.

#2 Generating case studies – dig a little deeper.

Whatever the reason you are polling, take the time to gather as much info as possible while you have them on the phone – keeping their personal time in mind.

Spending the extra minute to get more information might just save a second poll at a later date. This will also give you a well-developed sense of the people being studied.

#3 Finishing strong – be certain to get responses from as many as possible from region or district.

When doing a customer survey of a specific list of respondents, rather than purely random polling, it often requires a second round of calling to reach those who were unavailable the first time through.

You may be able to do two passes through the list in one afternoon/evening, but sometimes it requires two days. We want to try and reach as many on the list as possible in order to get valid insight into the opinions and interests of your constituents.

Happy Polling!

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