The Pollster Difference


For 25 years, American businesses from the largest to the smallest, have trusted Orion Systems, parent company and developers of Pollster, to meet their opinion surveying needs with cutting edge software and telephony development. Pollster’s staff of professionals have well over 100 years of combined surveying, consulting and service experience in the worlds of business and politics. We know our business and pride ourselves in our ability to provide our customers with a level of service second to none.

With Pollster, you direct and control the polling, surveying and message broadcast process. Whether you create and record your poll, survey or message campaign from your own personal computer using our revolutionary Pollster Create software, or you create and we professionally record for you (our Pollster Create Plus service), or if you prefer that our team of experts, working with you, create your poll or survey (our Pollster Turn-key service), no polling service delivers faster, more accurate results from the time you initiate your poll or survey to the time you begin seeing real-time results.


Gives You the Power to Create and Record Your Poll, Survey or Message Campaign. . . We Conduct It In Hours Instead of Days or Weeks

Simply download Pollster’s revolutionary Pollster Create software. You can quickly and easily create and record your own automated polls, surveys, and message campaigns in minutes. With one click, send them to the Pollster Automated Call Center. Pollster will conduct your poll or message campaign in hours instead of days or weeks.

You can conduct scientific, accurate polling and surveying, obtaining the information you need now, when you need it.

You can deliver your message campaign now, when you need to act or react to changing events. With Pollster software you instantly create your message campaign from your personal computer. You can record it in Pollster Create or by telephone. With one click send your message and phone list to the Pollster Automated Call Center for broadcast. Pollster will launch your message campaign with the fastest turn-around time in the business.


Scientific, accurate polling and surveying with unprecedented speed at an unprecedented price.

Fifteen years in development, Pollster delivers the latest communication technology with an easy-to-use interface.

Pollster levels the playing field by making opinion polling affordable for every candidate, campaign, organization, industry and business, large or small.

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