Customer Survey: Adding personality to your script

QuestionsAutomated Polling can be a wonderful thing for several reasons.

#1 It helps to solve the problem of sample bias.
#2 It allows for more efficient use of time.
#3 It provides exact standards of comparison.

The Greeting of your automated poll stands as both an entry point and a welcome for your prospects, so here are 3 tips for setting it up to making it effective.

The greeting of your customer survey call should communicate the following three things:

1. Identify the Company Owner
Identifying to the customer base the head or owner of the company for whom the poll is being sent out carries valuable weight with the customer. This name-drop offers marketing good will and encourages them to respond.

2. Inform Them of Your Intention.
Some wording options for this might be:
-To ensure that we provide the best product at the best price.
-To improve your online shopping experience to make it super convenient, fast, easy to navigate, etc.

3. Instruct the Customer.
While the Company Owner cannot speak personally with all customers, obtaining each customer’s opinion is invaluable to him. Being as courteous as possible, explain what to expect in the survey to come.

The Greeting should read something like this:

Hello, we are calling today on behalf of the Company Owner to help us improve your online shopping experience by making it super convenient. We are asking you to participate in this customer survey. Please take a few moments to tell us about your shopping experience at our online store by responding to the next few questions.

Finishing Touches:
For the question introductions, simple and courteous phrases such as:
-Ready? Here’s the first item.
-Okay, here’s the next question.
-The next question deals with your Check Out Experience.
-We’re almost finished.

Being conversational makes it more individual and helps to guide the respondent through the survey in a friendly way. And, while you could overdo the politeness, the appropriate amount helps reduce drop out rates and can impart a personal touch that is beneficial, especially when the owner is doing the survey.

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