How to Make a Poll Work for You

Let's Poll!How to Make a Poll Work for You

“Know where to find the information and how to use it. That’s the secret of success.” -Albert Einstein

A poll is an excellent tool for gleaning information using well-thought out questions. But many factors contribute to the success or failure of every survey. Here are some ideas to give you a head start on knowing how to find the information you need to succeed and how Pollster can help.

Multiple Choices

Most surveys require an answer scale at some point, giving the reader a range of response choices. Making sure you space each answer value equally is crucial to helping each person feel understood.

“Excellent,” “Fair,” and “Poor” would leave the reader without a good middle choice. Answering a poll question shouldn’t feel like an exam, so make sure there is an easy response for every opinion.

Allow for That

Not everybody knows what they think about everything every time. Sometimes we just have no opinion about something. Including response choices like “Don’t Know” or “No Opinion” allow the respondent to feel at ease in, well, not knowing what they think. Besides, if they do give an answer they don’t mean, you’re the one getting bad information.

Response Rates

When it comes to getting a good rate of response to your survey, it’s good to know a something about the people you will be polling. Take a little time to examine what your target audience might be sensitive to.

What time should you call?
What day of the week is best?
Who should do the calling?

And, since all these factors can add up the time it takes to complete your poll, you might consider the Pollster Automated Calling Center. Making thousands of calls rapidly and offering you real-time results can take the load off you and your business.

Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan

Here is a final list of questions that can help you know how to gain the information you need from the people you want to reach.

· What message content do you wish to convey to your audience?
· What is your target group or audience?
· Do you wish to convey your message to live listeners only, or to both live listeners and answering machines?
· Do you want to create different messages?

And One More Thing

A final tip for good communication with those you are polling:

Consider directing them to your website, newspaper, television or radio broadcast to see the results of the poll they just participated in. Happy Polling!

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