Polling Results Explained: Voter Fraud Poll

Poll Interpretation

Previously, we examined the collective answers from the respondents in the “Voter Fraud” poll. Today we are looking into the internals of the poll and giving some interpretation.

Of the respondents who:
View the problem of voter fraud as “very serious”:

Republicans 255  Democrat 119 

View the problem of voter fraud as “somewhat serious”:

Republicans 155  Democrat 124 

View the problem of voter fraud as either “not very serious” or “not at all serious”:

Republicans 67  Democrat 125 

To the question:
Should all voters be required to prove identity before being allowed to vote?

Republicans-YES 455  Democrat-YES 295 
Republicans-NO 28 Democrat-NO 71
Republicans-NOT SURE 18 Democrat-NOT SURE 40

Do laws requiring photo identification at the polls discriminate against some voters?

Republicans-YES 78  Democrat-YES 161 
Republicans-NO 379 Democrat-NO 191
Republicans-NOT SURE 44 Democrat-NOT SURE 54

Continued Breakdowns
This poll revealed some interesting trends in respondent belief.
While we can see that Republican voters are much more likely to view voter fraud as a serious issue, the majority of Democrats view it as a problem as well.

We also see that many more Republican voters favor proving identity prior to voting.

Nonetheless, a majority of Democrats favor it as well, just not as heavily as Republicans.

Clearly a huge majority of Republicans do not believe that requiring photo identification at the polls discriminates against some voters.

A plurality of Democrats agrees, but they are much more evenly divided on that question.

Spokespersons and elected officials or members of the political class who are Democrats often speak against proof of identity and photo identification.

In doing so, it does not appear they fully represent the viewpoints of Democratic voters.

In other words, the views of Democratic voters, while not nearly as strong as Republican voters, are much more in favor of such a measure than spokespersons from the Democratic political class would have the public believe.