If You Want To Succeed You Must Ask the Right Questions

Customer satisfaction is critical to the profitability, or survival, of any business. How do you know if your customers are satisfied, what they prefer to buy, whether your service is meeting customer expectations? You must ask them. You must identify and understand customer satisfaction, as well as customer dissatisfaction.

This enables you to continue providing the products, services and service levels your customers find satisfying, as well as altering your approach when customers are dissatisfied. Satisfied customers tell others about you. So do dissatisfied customers, usually at a greater rate than satisfied customers. Your return on investment in customer satisfaction surveying is enormous.

Knowing and understanding customer satisfaction and dissatisfaction enables you to create loyal customers. Loyal customers means repeat business, increased sales, reduced marketing and operational costs (it costs much less to sell to existing customers than create new ones). All of these increase your profitability; that’s return on investment. And Pollster makes surveying your customers and gaining this vital knowledge more affordable than ever before.

The fastest, most cost-effective method of gaining this vital information is timely automated customer satisfaction surveying. Nothing is more effective than a customer satisfaction survey. This should be done when the experience with your product or service is fresh in the customer’s mind. Pollster provides you with the tools for timely surveying and provides the information you need instantly, with real-time results, enabling you to act and react in a way to maximize your profits.

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Automated customer satisfaction and consumer research: faster, more accurate, inexpensive

Automated surveying is faster and more cost-effective than conventional or traditional types of live agent research. For many types of research it is more accurate. People are much more likely to give honest answers to a machine rather than a live person.

For the most part, automated surveying is identical to that of traditional, live agent research. It is simply faster, much less expensive, and insures that every respondent hears exactly the same question, from the exact same voice, asked with the exact same inflection, every single time. This eliminates possible bias created by live agent questioners that can sometimes affect survey results.

With Pollster you direct and control the survey process. You can create and record your survey using our revolutionary Pollster software (sending it to the Pollster Automated Call Center with one click). You can also record your survey by telephone. Or, you can create your survey and have us professionally record it. Pollster’s team of experts can also create your survey questions for you. Whatever option you choose, no survey research service delivers faster, more accurate results from the time you initiate your survey to the time you begin seeing the real-time results with your secured access at our website.

Pollster’s software empowers you with a rapid response capability unmatched in the industry. This enables you to create, launch and manage your market research on a moment’s notice, responding to changing events to instantly measure customer and consumer attitudes.

Benefits of real-time results

Conduct your vital automated market research and get the information you need now, when you need it, with real-time results. Conduct market research nationwide or on a hyper-local basis, all at a fraction of the cost of traditional market research.

We can conduct automated market research using surveys you already have created, or our staff will work with you to create customized surveys that ask the right questions and provide the results specifically designed to meet your needs.

Automated survey research offers you the opportunity to conduct market analysis for:
- New or existing products or services
- Consumer analysis
- Company image and positioning
- Competition
- Evaluation of products and services
- Pricing for products and services
- Location and site analysis
- Pre-ad and post-ad surveys to gauge response and effectiveness

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