Jury Research and Trial Preparation

Jury Research & Trial Preparation Surveys

Community attitude surveys put you one step closer to winning the hearts, minds and verdicts of your jurors. Prepare your case with an in-depth picture of the community opinions you will encounter at jury trial. Pollster provides this information instantly, reliably, scientifically and affordably.

Gain critical insight into the attitudes, values, perceptions and opinions of the people who will be deciding the outcome of your case.

How Can a Survey Lead to Success in the Courtroom?

  • Analyze jury pool composition
  • Select the right jury members
  • Uncover juror attitudes and bias
  • Craft strategic voir dire questions
  • Eliminate guesswork in trial preparation
  • Identify mock trial participants

Learn how to use Community Attitude Surveys effectively. 10 Strategies for Effective Community Attitude Surveys
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Identify community bias or prejudice towards case or parties involved

What does the jury pool community know about the facts or issues of your case? Pollster’s community attitude surveys can determine the extent of knowledge existing in the community concerning the facts, issues and parties in a case.

Has pre-trial publicity affected the attitude of the community from which the jury will be selected? Pollster’s community attitude surveys can determine the extent to which pre-trial publicity has adversely affected your case in the community.

Has the community formed negative pre-conceptions about your case, your client, or issues of fault and liability?

Court house

Designed for trial lawyers, by trial lawyers

The Pollster team, led by two attorneys, has extensive trial experience. They understand how information can make or break a case.

Trial lawyers and consulting firms have found an affordable alternative to expensive focus groups, or live agent calling. Pollster’s scientific, affordable community attitude surveys ensure you never walk into the courtroom unprepared.

People of the Jury

Eliminate Guesswork in Jury Selection

In-depth understanding of the community attitudes, perceptions, opinions and general feelings about your case is invaluable to eliminating guesswork in preparation, jury selection, and presentation of your case.

Obtaining reliable information regarding these questions will aid you in developing a successful approach for jury selection, effective trial strategies, and presentation of persuasive, winning themes which are compatible with prevailing community/juror values and attitudes.

Pollster’s Voice Comment feature

Hearing community respondents’ actual verbal commentary on key issues can give you a deeper understanding of the perceptions, attitudes and nature of your prospective jury community.

If you choose, Pollster can segment and save the comments based upon specific customer preferences, responses to key questions or by demographic profiles.

Hyperlocal Surveying

Use Pollster’s telephone database or your own. Focus your survey on the precise community from which your jurors will be drawn for an accurate look at the attitudes and preconceptions you’ll face.

Pollster Results Query Feature

Pollster can identify respondents from your survey who are willing to participate in focus groups or “mock” jury presentations. It can automatically create a new file of phone numbers of those who want to participate for further phone contact. There is no easier way to locate, identify and contact willing participants for focus groups and mock trials.

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