Media Polling with Real-Time Results

Get the answers you need, on your deadline. Pollster can deliver headlines in time for your next broadcast, edition or web post.

Conduct public opinion polling and audience research in-house with real time results. Give yourself an edge with immediate public opinion data regarding news, recent events, public issues, entertainment or sports topics.

Pollster empowers you with a rapid response capability unmatched in the industry enabling you to create, launch and manage your polls or market research on a moment’s notice, responding to changing events and instantly measuring public attitudes regarding any issue.

Real-Time Results Right When You Need Them.

Secure access to the Pollster Dashboard lets you:

  • View real-time results at our website from the instant the poll begins
  • Receive final results of the poll or survey automatically via email
  • Access your historical polling data archived on the website

Demographic Poll Data at Your Fingertips

Obtain detailed demographic data from your poll and survey results by querying your poll results via our web app.

Create a separate file of phone numbers (or phone numbers, names and addresses if using your phone list containing this information) of respondents answering key questions in your survey.

Nationwide or Hyper-Local Polling

Conduct nationwide or hyper-local polls and surveys using Pollster’s database of 100 million telephone numbers. Simply point and click to select your target audience nationwide or by state, county, zip codes, area codes and prefixes.

Investigate issues ranging from those of national interest to local and hyper-local subjects such as bond issues, mayoral races and street repair.

Have your own database? You can import your own list of phone numbers into Pollster in seconds.

Listen To Your Audience . . . Literally

Pollster’s Voice Commentary feature enables you to capture live respondents’ voice comments about any topic of interest. You can automatically separate and store these voice comments by gender, age, race, political affiliation, etc. for your use in playback.

Polling to Increase Brand Awareness

Brand your station or publication at the beginning and end of each poll or survey. Expand your market and raise awareness about your news, broadcasts, printed editions and blogs. During your opinion poll or survey, encourage your respondents to visit your website, tune in to your broadcast, or read the next edition to see the results of the poll and hear it discussed on air or comment on your blog.

Keep your viewers, listeners or readers involved in the news with Pollster’s inexpensive, public opinion polling and drive them to your programming, print editions and websites or blogs by referring to these venues at the beginning or end of your poll or survey.

Enhance your polling, surveying and audience research by having a recognized television or radio personality, station manager, reporter, editor or executive record the poll or survey. All you need is Pollster Create software, your personal computer, a usb microphone or record via phone at the Pollster Automated Call Center.

Market Research & Customer Satisfaction

Accurately and instantly conduct market research and customer satisfaction surveys, determining audience preferences and measuring public reaction and attitudes regarding programming, content, news coverage, proposed changes, and the host of issues you must accurately measure to successfully make informed decisions.

Arm Your Sales Team with Vital Data

Automated market surveys can give your salespeople the vital data they need today to ain new advertisers and beat the competition. Retain existing customers and impress prospective customers on sales calls by presenting current consumer survey data specifically about their product or service.

Conduct pre-ad and post-ad surveys to gauge response and effectiveness. All for a fraction of traditional cost for this type of research.

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