Automated polling for Media

Fast, accurate, inexpensive answers.

Identifying where the public stands on public issues, elections and candidates, questions of public policy, entertainment and sports plays a critical role in staying ahead of your competition. Successful media can employ automated polling to rapidly understand the perspectives and attitudes of the public, create and strengthen relationships with their audiences, and win the constant struggle to break the big stories first.

The cost of traditional methods of live agent and automated polling has been extremely expensive – often prohibitive. Not any more. Pollster’s revolutionary software and system provide the fastest, easiest, most cost-effective automated polling methods available.

Not only is automated polling faster and more cost-effective than conventional or traditional types of live agent polling, but for many types of polling it is more accurate for the reason that people are much more likely to give honest answers to a machine rather than a live person.

For the most part, automated polling and surveying is identical to that of traditional, live agent research, except that it is faster, much less expensive, and it insures that every respondent hears exactly the same question, from the exact same voice, asked with the exact same inflection, every single time. This eliminates possible bias created by live agent questioners that can sometimes affect poll results.

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