Political and Public Issue Polling and Message Campaigns

Pollster empowers your campaign with a rapid response capability unmatched in the industry. Create and launch polls or message campaigns on a moment’s notice. Respond to changing events, instantly measure opinion or respond with automated message campaigns when the need arises.

No other polling service delivers faster, more accurate results. From the moment you initiate your poll you can view real time results online at your Pollster Dashboard.

Real-Time Results Right When You Need Them

Secure access to the Pollster Dashboard lets you:

  • View real-time results at our website from the instant the poll begins
  • Receive final results of the poll or survey automatically via email
  • Access your historical polling data archived on the website

Demographic Poll Data at Your Fingertips

Obtain detailed demographic data from your poll and survey results by querying your poll results via our web app.

Create a separate file of phone numbers (or phone numbers, names and addresses if using your phone list containing this information) of respondents answering key questions in your survey.

Nationwide or Hyper-Local Polling

Conduct nationwide or hyper-local polling and message campaigns using Pollster’s database of 100 million telephone numbers. Simply point and click to select your target audience nationwide or by state, county, zip codes, area codes and prefixes.

Have your own database? You can import your own list of phone numbers into Pollster in seconds.

Create Phone or Mailing Lists Based on Poll Responses

Instantly identify audiences for strategic follow up. Locate volunteers, contributors, and voters. Determine event attendees, constituents needing transportation to the polls or those needing early voting and absentee ballot information.

Create a separate file of targeted respondent phone numbers for further automated or live-agent contact. If using your own database of phone numbers, names and addresses, Pollster can segment respondents for merger with your mailing program.

Voice Commentary

Capture respondents’ voice comments after every poll. Invite your constituents and voters to comment on a topic for instant feedback. Pollster will save these comments for later playback. You can also sort voice comments by demographic information. Listen to all the comments from a particular gender, age, race, party affiliation, etc.

Automated Message Campaigns

Pollster provides a powerful and cost effective method, not just for polling and surveying, but for launching and managing your successful automated calling campaign.

Reach your target market with a host of effective campaign strategies. Explore Automated Calling Campaign options.

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