Automated Message Campaigns

Automated Personal Candidate Calls

Record your personal message to voters or constituents in your own voice in minutes with Pollster software, your personal computer and a pc compatible microphone. You can also call Pollster and record your message by telephone.  The Pollster Automated Call Center is ready to broadcast the message to all recipients on your call list or use Pollster’s data base of numbers for nationwide or hyper-local calling.  Pollster automatically redials busy signals and no-answers.  Pollster’s dynamic results query feature allows you to instantly identify respondents wishing to volunteer, contribute, vote for you, attend events or join your cause by creating a separate file of those numbers for further automated or live-agent contact.  If using your phone list contains names and addresses, Pollster will automatically match up these respondents with their names and addresses for merger with your direct mail program.

Endorsement Calls

Voter confidence, name recognition, response rate, calls to action, campaign volunteering and contributions can all be enhanced through automated endorsement calls to constituents and voters. Endorsement calls recorded by trusted public figures increases audience willingness to listen and respond favorably. The Pollster system allows you to conduct these campaigns instantly, managing the process throughout.

GOTV Calls

Nationwide or hyper-local, target your voters with an automated reminder message recorded by the candidate or influential endorsing personality.

Event Notification

Increase attendance at events and rallies and enhance participation in your causes and campaigns with automated reminder calls.  Every positive contact enhances the relationship with constituents.  No system is more effective or cost efficient than Pollster.

Campaign Fundraising

Automated calling campaigns provide the most cost effective method for campaign fundraising.  Pollster can instantly identify respondents wishing to donate or volunteer, enabling immediate follow-up contact.  If you use your own data base of phone numbers also containing names and addresses, Pollster will automatically match respondent-donors with their names and addresses for further contact by phone or mail.

Answering Machine Only Calls

Pollster’s technology enables you to create multiple messages for use in the same message campaign, playing one message to live persons and a different message for answering machines.  You can specifically tailor the messages to meet their respective purposes.