Professional recording for automated opinion polls, surveys, message campaigns.

Upgrade your automated opinion polls, surveys and message campaigns with professional recording. Pollster puts the answers you need at your fingertips, for an unprecedented price.

How does Pollster Create+ work?

Add professional recording services. Create your own poll, survey or message campaign in minutes with Pollster’s point-and-click software. With one click, send your poll to the Pollster Automated Call Center.

We will professionally record and conduct your poll, survey or message campaign. You can view results in real-time as the poll is conducted.

Secure access as a Pollster client allows you to:

  • View real-time results online as your poll or survey is conducted
  • Receive the final results via email for your poll or survey
  • View all archived poll results online
  • Extract demographic data from poll results
  • Create segmented phone lists for respondents who answered key questions in specific ways
  • Geo-target polls, surveys and message campaigns
  • Learn more about Pollster features…

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Geotargeted Polling

Instantly target your poll or message campaign nationwide or on a local or hyper-local basis using Pollster’s own database of 100 million land line telephone numbers. Select your target audience using Pollster’s point and click map technology, choosing nationwide or by state, county, zip codes, area codes and prefixes in metropolitan and rural areas.

You can also conduct your poll or message campaign using your own database of phone numbers. Simply import your database into Pollster in seconds.

Rapid-Response Polling

Pollster provides a powerful and cost effective method for launching and managing your successful automated poll or message campaign. Reach thousands of your targeted recipients in hours instead days or weeks. Access crucial information at your fingertips with Pollster rapid-response automated polling.

You can to create, launch and manage your polls, surveys or message campaigns on a moment’s notice. Stay ahead of changing events with public opinion polls. Respond instantly with automated message campaigns. Quickly determine changing customer preferences and act accordingly.