Pollster Features

The Pollster Create software gives you access to all of the following features when you create and record your poll. Add professional recording services with Pollster Create Plus. Have a professional team walk you through each step of your poll or survey with Pollster Turn-Key.

Pollster Interactive Target Map

Poll and survey respondents on nationwide issues or those of purely local interest. Point and click to select your specific, geographic target audience in seconds using our Interactive Target Map.

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Import Your Data Base

Import your own database of phone numbers via text file or spreadsheet format into your Pollster Create project in seconds. If our team is creating your poll or survey for you, just email your database to us and we’ll do the rest.

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View Real-Time Results and Final Results

Log in at pollster.org with your security access codes and privately view real-time results at our web site as your poll or survey is being conducted. View final results after your poll or survey is complete.

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Query Poll Results

With this powerful Pollster feature you can extract specific data from your poll or survey results.You can obtain demographic data from your poll or survey results or create phone number lists of respondents who answered key questions in specific ways.

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Voice Comment Feature

Your poll or survey can invite voice commentary from your respondents. Pollster will record and save these comments for your use and later playback.

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Pollster’s Branching feature allows you to direct targeted, specific questions to different sub-groups of respondents based on their responses to selected questions. The respondent’s answer to a question determines which subsequent question, or set of questions, they will hear.

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Group Results By

Set up your poll to report results by respondent sub-groups such as demographic groups or customer preference categories. When creating your poll or survey in Pollster Create you can command Pollster to report the results of the survey by the sub-groups you choose.

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Rotating Response Feature

When asking questions with multiple responses or choices, Pollster’s rotating response feature assists in correcting the potential problem of “acquiescence bias” by rotating the order in which each response is presented to respondents.

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Email Status Updates

When you upload a poll or survey to us using your Pollster Create software you will receive
email notification that the poll has been received as well as ongoing status updates. We will alert you by email when we begin conducting your poll or survey so you can immediately access and monitor real-time results. We also notify you by email when your poll or survey is complete, along with the final results.

Graphic Poll Results

In addition to the raw numbers and percentages, final poll and survey results are presented to you in graphic form at our web site and in your email notification when the poll or survey has been completed. These results also include the calculated margin of error and confidence level of the poll or survey.

Message Campaigns

With Pollster Create software you can quickly Create and record messages for broadcast. Message campaigns can also be recorded by telephone. The Pollster Automated Call Center will reach thousands of your target audience in hours.

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Answering Machine Detection

In conducting your poll, survey or message campaign you can choose to leave special messages for answering machines, while asking your poll or survey questions of live respondents. Or, you can choose to skip answering machines. In a message broadcast, Pollster can play separate messages for live respondents and answering machines.

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