Nationwide, Local & Hyper-Local Polling and Surveying

Pollster Create software provides access to Pollster’s 100 million nationwide landline phone numbers. You can poll or survey nationwide, or select specific states, counties, zip codes, area codes and prefixes to build your custom polling, surveying or messaging audience. From topics of nationwide interest to local mayoral races and street bond issues, Pollster gives you the ability to custom build your polling or surveying audience to meet your specific needs. You simply send your selections to the Pollster Automated Call Center as part of your polling or surveying project.

Of course, you can also use your own phone list or database. Simply import it in seconds into your Pollster Create program or send your database to us and we’ll do the rest.

Political campaigns, elected officials, interest groups, research organizations, and media can target any specific audience, from national to local or hyper-local, for opinion polling. Businesses can conduct consumer research with geographic specificity. We will use your selected target audience to conduct your poll, survey or message campaign.

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