Query Results Feature

The Query Results Feature provides you with respondent demographic data such as age, gender, race, political affiliation and any other data type your poll has collected.

This feature will also identify those respondents that selected your candidate in a candidate preference poll, expressed an intent to vote in an election, wish to join, volunteer or contribute to your cause, campaign or organization.

Businesses can identify respondents answering key customer preference or satisfaction questions in certain ways.

Pollster identifies those respondents who responded in a certain way to designated key questions in the poll or survey. Pollster then creates a separate file of the phone numbers of the identified sub-group, enabling instant further automated or live agent contact.

If using your own database of phone numbers containing names and addresses, Pollster can match identified respondents’ phone numbers with their corresponding names and addresses for merger with your mailing program. This enables political campaigns to instantly follow-up with phone or mail contact; businesses gain instant response to customer preferences and requests for product or services.

The Query Feature allows you to instantly obtain any specific data you wish to extract from your poll or survey. Simply log in at the Pollster website after your poll or survey is complete to conduct your inquiry.

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