Use Your Own Database

Use your own phone list or database to conduct your poll, survey or message campaign. Simply enter your list into Pollster Create in seconds and send it to the Pollster Automated Call Center along with your project. We will conduct your poll, survey or message campaign using the phone list you provide.

If you are not using Pollster Create software and our team is creating your project, just email your phone list to us and we’ll do the rest.

Political campaigns, candidates and interest groups can use their own phone lists to conduct targeted polling and message campaigns. Businesses can conduct customer satisfaction surveys using their own customer phone lists, as well as conduct message campaigns using their phone lists of locations, employees and associates.

If your database contains names and addresses Pollster can match identified respondents’ phone numbers with their corresponding names and addresses for merger with your mailing program. Pollster first creates new files of respondent sub-groups, then matches sub-group respondents’ phone numbers with names and addresses. See the Results Query Feature section for more explanation of this powerful feature. Political campaigns, membership organizations and interest groups can use these new, targeted lists to send follow-up mailings as well as for further phone contact. Businesses can immediately identify and follow-up based upon expressed customer preferences, attitudes and needs.

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